Data Ingestion from Mobile App

Are there any established patterns for ingesting data from a Honeycode mobile application to AWS, e.g. to land in S3?

Hi @Matt-93f8 and welcome to our community! We'd love to gather more information from you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

hi @Matt-93f8, welcome to the forum and Honeycode. We have had many requests for camera, picture upload and so on; those are under consideration by the product team. For now there is no direct or out of the box way to get data from Mobile App and drop it in S3. Also the word data is very broad and can include pictures, QR codes, audio, or manually entered text.

What you can do today is enter text in the mobile app, and have that text saved in S3 for example, using our APIs. You would build a scrip (Lambda) to call he Honeycode api's to retrieve the data (text) and then store it in S3, Dynamo or other service. If you want to learn more about the API's see this article: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs

Is this what you had in mind? or were you looking for picture or other data from the mobile app?

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Hi @Matt-93f8, we're excited to announce integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs.

In case you missed it, more details can be found here! Release Notes - December 2, 2020