Data Integrations

Is there any way to populate Honeycode's special "tables" from a real backend, such as a Postgres or Mongo database?
Alternatively, how about an exposed API to allow someone to CRUD records programmatically?

And, if not, is something like that on the roadmap?


Hi @Patr-9d35, welcome to the honeycode community, and thanks for your question. We currently have two APIs that let you perform CRUD on records programmatically. Please refer to Getting Started with Honeycode APIs to see how that works. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

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Hello @Patr-9d35, we'd love to gather more information from you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

Hey there @Patr-9d35 , we released APIs to do CRUD of records programmatically yesterday along with other integration features. Check out more details at Release Notes - December 2, 2020. Let us know what you think!