Data Validation for variables of type date

I am trying to accept user input into a variable $[Next Follow Up] through a form and would like to only accept date values >=TODAY().
However my table where the variable is stored can have older dates.
How can i set it up as there is no data validation in the variable properties setup.
What am i missing?


Hi @Sankalp,

Good question for data validation, I'm happy to help :slight_smile:

You can do data validation by making fields or buttons visible or not based on if the input value meets certain requirements.

So for yours, this is how you can achieve what you're asking:

I set up a screen with an input variable (date format), a submit button, and a greyed out content box.

The date variable data cell is set to be 'Editable' and is the Date format.

For the submit button's visibility properties, set it to only be visible if the date is equal to or greater than today. The formula being: =$[Date]>=TODAY()

And for the greyed out content box, set that it will be visible if the date is less than today. Formula being: =$[Date]<TODAY()

With the above set up, now you'll have an app that will only allow the data to be submitted if a valid date is entered.

The app view, when entering an invalid date (greyed out content box shows, submit button is hidden):

The app view, when entering a valid date (submit button shows):

Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Thanks it worked well.

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Hi @Sankalp,

Great! Happy to hear it worked for you :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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