Date Display Preference outside US

preaty simple... for us that are outside USA, we NEED date as DD/MM/YYYY

Hi @Dr_Leandro, please take a look the following related thread and let us know if this solution works for you as well - UK currency and date format.

I've also taken note of your request for our engineering team to consider for future enhancements.

hey aj,
yeah that wont do! Ive createde a preatty large app that uses 20+ tables and multiple operations in different leves using dates and times. To create a new table to concatenate every date for every entry is just unreaseonable.
Unless its a native option I wont be able to solve my problem
but thx anyways

Hi @Dr_Leandro, thanks for the additional feedback. Yeah I wasn't sure if you needed to just display it as a date such as in a list or perform additional operations/functions further downstream, but now I understand it's the latter. We'll tag this as an official feature request for now then. Let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.

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