Date input window popping up twice

Date input window popping up twice. Please see the capture.

Hi @San,

We see that you have submitted an issue report for this (Thank you for that!)

By capture, did you mean to attach an image? We do not see one uploaded in the issue report.

If you meant to share an image related to this, feel free to share it here or submit another report with the image uploaded. :honeybee:

  1. Once select the date on "Date input window":

  1. After clicking OK

  2. Second "Date input selector window pops up". Whatever date selected in previous window is lost. I need to re-select the date click OK. Then it saves correctly. But this does not happen via web; only this behavior via mobile app.

Please let me know

I also capture behavior via webm video; not sure how to upload.

Hi @San,

Thanks for the screenshots and details!

I've included what you've provided here in your submitted issue report to our team. Our team is taking a look, and we will reach out to you privately if any further information is needed.

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This happens only in android.

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That's correct! it happens with Android app. I have not validated on iOS.

Any updates on this issue?

Hi @San,

Thanks for your patience, and thank you too, @Selman, for chiming in!

Our team has implemented a fix for this issue, which will be included in an update in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please let us know if you bump into anything else. :honeybee: :honey_pot:


Thank You!

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Any updates on Android app updates?