Definition & pricing of users (Team Users vs Member Users vs Public Users)

Is it possible to get further information regarding the users in "Honeycode" workbook.

My understanding is that the pricing is defined on "Team" users, but is it possible to create a "public" facing application/workbook, where users can register for the application we built and interact with it?

And if yes, what is the pricing for such users that only interact with the final application and don't have 'team' rights. Are they still regarded as 'team' users, or are there other better suited user types? E.g. We have 10 000 subscribers for our current product, what would our user cost be.

If no, are there any plans for alternate pricing for users in the Honeycode roadmap? It would be great to have alternate pricing for team users vs member users (people that have actually subscribed) vs public users (adhoc visitors).



Hi @Jens-5b65, thank you for your question and welcome to the honeycode community! Currently, Honeycode apps can be shared only with other Honeycode team members. Thanks for your suggestion on the public facing apps. I'll go ahead and let the product team know so they're aware.

Rejesh, I am also looking for a public facing / paid app development tool. I have a product database that I want to publish online and charge client a membership fee / subscription to access, search or update the data. I like what Honeycode is doing, but it currently doesn't seem to fit this use case.


Welcome to the community, @Mike-1823 and thank you for chiming in. Customers like you help us improve the product. Will be sure to pass your feedback to the broader product team.

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Thanks Rajesh, will keep following the developments of Honeycode further to see how this evolves.


+1 on this idea. I was hoping to turn a financial calculator I built with brute force calculations in excel into a web/mobile app for sale to the market, monetized via advertising, download fee, or subscription fee. Doesn't seem to be the right use case yet. Spot on for marketing though! I had a hunch that Honeycode was exactly right for me yet, but thought I'd experiment anyway. Let your product team know I'm available for discovery interviews if they're interested. Thanks.

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I also have the need to create a public facing app with users (not team members). Amazon has the ability to help people like us scale out applications and like the others I would not mind paying for this feature.


I'm also interested in a public sign-on feature, but with a slight difference. I would like to use Honeycomb to build out a client dashboard for users that I manually add. Once the user has been manually added, they would have access to a dashboard for their company.

Hey Rajesh
Do you mean to say that you can't build SaaS applications on Honeycode, since the app can't be deployed as a public webApp nor in the iOS/Android app stores?

Thanks for clearing this up.
In case the above is true, what's the timeline on these?

Hi - I do not have a timeline I can share with you. Be sure to check Announcements for news and updates. In the meanwhile, please do keep your suggestions coming!

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