Delete confirmation of a row

I would like to create an action where Deleting a row action is confirmed before actually deleting. I can create another screen for yes or no operation, but how would i pass this row info to this confirmation screen to delete it from previous screen? thanks

I am able to figure this out using the same logic we use for detail screen for an item using $inputRow, I am able create a new screen with just Yes/No button to delete with confirmation. NOt sure if there is better way to do this, but this will suffice for now.

You can also do it in the same screen if you want, although it's a bit more work.

  1. Create a data cell, make it a variable, and call it something like 'displayConfirmation'. Set initial vlaue to =false.
  2. Create another data cell, make it a variable, and call it something like 'rowToDelete'.
  3. You create a block with the Confirmation message and button in it. The button triggers an automation that deletes whatever row is returned by $[rowToDelete], and then also resets $[displayConfirmation] to =false.
  4. Finally, when the user clicks the delete button for a row, use an automation navigate step to refresh the current page, and reset the $[rowToDelete] to =thisrow() and the $[displayConfirmation] to =true.


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Thanks, it does work this way as well, but only thing is that since there is no such thing as popup window (right?), specifying it in a block is not a good option, you just have to create another screen to redirect it to. But this is also a good option. thanks again.

Right this wouldn’t be a popup, it would just appear somewhere on the page. So you’d want to place the block right next to the button if possible.

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