Delete specified row from 2 tables


I have 2 tables - Customer and CustomerID. Both tables have the ID field. The CustomerID table has only one column to store a running ID.

When I delete a Customer, I like it to delete the same ID row from both tables.

I created 2 delete automation in the following sequence:

Delete the specified row:
=FINDROW(Customer, "Customer[ID]=$[InputID]")

Delete the specified row:
=FINDROW(CustomerID, "CustomerID[ID]=$[InputID]")

It deletes from Customer table but not CustomerID table. Please advice what did I do wrong.


Hi @Roland, thanks for posting here!

I'm happy to help with this -

What may be happening is that the field is accepting the InputID value variable as a rowlink (or picklist). So your first formula may be deleting the specified rowlink in the Customer table, but would need more specification in the other table of where to locate the matching ID.

This means that for your second formula, you would need to also specify the column of the ID value to match that given row link.

So the second formula would look something like this:
=FINDROW(CustomerID, "CustomerID[ID]=$[InputID][ID]")

Let me know if that works. :honeybee: