Determine number of occurrences and insert same number of rows

Hello Honeycoders!

I am playing around with creating a custom form and am hitting a bit of a snag. There are two things I would like to happen when someone fills in the form listed below but am struggling with how to even begin to put this together. Hopefully you all can help!

In this case, an app user is filling out appointment data in a form. Since their request will happen more than once, they are being asked to enter an end date and which days of the week they need their appointment to be.

First need: I would like the Days of the week to be contained in one cell per request. For example is someone made an appointment for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the cell data for [Days of the week] would read - "Monday, Wednesday, Friday".

Second need: Will function like setting a calendar event as reoccurring in programs like outlook or google calendar. I would like to find a way for Honeycode to count the number of Mondays, and Wednesdays, between the start date and the end date and then insert the correct number of rows into a table and populate the correct date for each occurrence.

Example Case: A college professor is entering class data into Honeycode to create a homework schedule. They select that the class will be reoccurring and then enter the start date and end date. Finally the professor indicates that the class will meet two days a week - Mondays and Wednesdays. Assuming that the class is a normal semester (15 weeks) the formula will indicate that there are 15 occurrences, match up the appropriate dates of each occurrence and place them into a new table in Honeycode.


Is this currently possible in Honeycode?

Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will help, but below is a link to a google spreadsheet with formulas that accomplish what I am trying to replicate in Honeycode.

This is a link to a google spreadsheet. If this is not allowed to post, please remove


Hi @DannyHoney, wanted to let you know that we're trying to figure out the best way to achieve what you're asking. We'll reach back out with an update when ready :honeybee:

Thanks for your continued patience!

Hi Taylor!

No worries, I know that what I am trying to do is complicated. I appreciate your help!

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Hi @DannyHoney, as Taylor had mentioned, we've been exploring different ways to handle your two needs and wanted to share where we landed.

First: Combining days of the week in one cell. You could accomplish this by using an expression such as this: =IF($[Monday],"Monday ","")&IF($[Tuesday],"Tuesday ","")&IF($[Wednesday],"Wednesday ","")&IF($[Thursday],"Thursday ","")&IF($[Friday],"Friday ","")&IF($[Saturday],"Saturday ","")&IF($[Sunday],"Sunday ",""). One caveat to this approach though is whatever the app user selects and submits, be mindful that there is a trailing space after the final day. E.g. if Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday were selected the table cell would be "Tuesday Wednesday Friday ". Notice that space after Sunday.

For the second need, this is particularly challenging with Honeycode because we do not support the ability to define the number of loop iterations from user input, like in your case with combining what was provided for a start and end date, as well as with the number of days selected. Rather, loop iterations are defined by existing data such as what may be pre-defined in a table. A similar need was brought up in another topic from the past, and I'd recommend that you take a look at this to see if you gives you other ideas on how you might tackle this problem. How to create a variable number of rows with custom calculations

Regardless, I'm noting this pattern and will communicate it with the product team for future consideration.

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