Difference between dates

I need to calculate the number of days between a BBE date and todays date
I’ve tried using a previous example from an expert on here but it just returns error every time
Currently using
Cells formatted to Auto

Formula contains a value that conflicts with its function or operation

Hi there @Cliv-cd10,
how about using DAYS formula instead, if the aim is to calculate difference between dates?


Do you have an example in this please
Just something I can hopefully try to copy and adapt to my columns


Using an app the user inputs month and year for BBE date
The table then makes the date using
=[BBE month]&”/31/“&[BBE year]
Not overly concerned that not every month has 31 days as not enough to worry about for this

Something so simple in Microsoft excel that just doesn’t want to know in here

Hi @Cliv-cd10,

I hope you are doing well. I tried to mimic your scenario. There are three fields on the screen: BBE Date, Today's date, and a field to calculate the difference between two dates. Below is a screenshot.

For the date difference, I have used the expression “=If($[BBE Date]="", 0, DAYS($[BBE Date],$[Today date])).

Here is the gif from runtime.

2022-03-17_18-38-13 (1)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply
This needs to be done in a table and not on an app screen

Any suggestions for that welcomed

Hi @Cliv-cd10,

Thank you for clarifying.

The same formula can optionally be used in table columns. Create two columns Date1 and Date2. Using Column Properties, set them up as Date format columns. For the third column, you can use DAYS to calculate the days between columns. Please see below screenshot.

I hope this helps.

  • So, we have the following formula: =TODAY() - B2.
  • The easiest way for you to generate approximate months is to take that formula and subract it by 30 so that you do not have to do mental math.
  • Obviously, you can further simplify the problem by dividing the total number by 365, further simplifying the problem.