Different external integrations

Our customer already keeps a directory of a few millions of clients with Ping Directory, that is installed on a classic AWS EC2 with a Linux OS. That was an inevitable business decision. Moreover, S3 buckets and directory servers to me still remain a very different kind of storage, we are talking about a full-spectrum Identity & Access Management system :wink:

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@FlyingZebra do you have any connectors available (in AppFlow or Zapier) for integration with your IAM data?
Take into account that Zapier works well for bidirectional flows but AppFlow works only in one way.

Hi @Joel-1ada, we are not using any of these products so far, not even for other connectors across our landscape. Still today the idea rules that building API interfaces using offshore developers, based on classic Java & Spring boot is cheaper than relying on a subscription based API connectors. I'm not able to tell whether these cost considerations were made intuitively or based on real tests, but as far as I can tell, these assumptions were made long before we worked with this client, and they are still ruling today.

Thank you @Joel-1ada for your interesting suggestion ! At least testing any of these connectors like Zapier or Appflow in a pilot phase could be helpful to speed up the results we aim to achieve.

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Thank you @FlyingZebra for your feedback. Using APIs is also a relevant approach. I haven't yet tested the APIs but Zapier and AppFlow can simplify the integration. Honestly your project is really interesting! It gives me the idea of a Data Quality Monitoring tool using Honeycode... I will be interested if you can keep me posted on your progress

Once this pilot is done, we have other nice use cases in mind that do not require high real-time performance or large datasets. These seem actually good candidates for Rapid Application Development using Honeycode, and surely all of them require connectivity with the outside world in some form. I'll keep you posted @Joel-1ada

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