Disabling Auto Formatting URLs

My company uses a dot-separated identification system for some of our products. HoneyCode wants to turn them in to urls when they are displayed. They are not urls. How do I prevent this from happening? Using the "Plain Text" format doesn't work because then it just displays the shared source. Is there anyway to disable this very aggressive linkification formatting?

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Hi @anon22260954 :wave: Welcome to the community!

Thank you for sharing what you are experiencing in your use case. This is really helpful for our team to know about as we continue to evolve the product. One workaround that I found to remove the appearance of links, is to make the field ‘editable’, but can see how this may not be ideal for you.

I am going to bring this case and feedback to our team to consider for product updates. If you have any further feedback or questions as your are building, let us know!

I got around this by using a button with no automations and no formatting. Not perfect, but it mostly works.