Disappearing Data in Forms

I had two screens in an app - the first was a stacked list that showed all the records in my table. The second screen in the app was a detail screen so that when I selected a record in the stacked list it would drill down to that record. At the top was as drop down that let me select the number of the record - I guess to that I could jump quickly to a record down the stack. I didn't place that control on the screen - I assume the wizard did when it created the screen. I deleted that jump to control and now when I select a record in the first screen - the stacked list - it no longer jumps to that record. I get the following error message.


What gives. I am really struggling trying to figure out how to map fields to on these screens and it seem very complicated.


Hi Skip! :slightly_smiling_face:

The reason why you're seeing this error is because the Details screen needs an input row. This is the source row for each of the column values displayed on the screen.

The drop-down that was deleted was storing the input row (it let you select different rows of a table to be the source row for the screen).

When you click on an item on the List screen, it's trying to send over the data for the input row, however it doesn't have that destination anymore to update.

In order to fix this, create a new data cell on the Details screen, set it as a variable, and name it InputRow:

Now on the Lists screen, click on the list and in the Actions tab in the properties, have it pass in ThisRow() to the $[InputRow]:

That will fix the issue, as clicking on a list item will now pass in data to the input row :slight_smile:

Also, if you'd like it to be a dropdown again on the Details screen, you can make the $[InputRow] a rowlink to a table:

Hope this is helpful! The concept to keep in mind here is that the details screen needs a row as a source. :honey_pot: