Display Content Box Boarder & Fill Color - No Data

I created a screen with all the content box set with a boarder, however if the data cell is empty the boarder does not display. Is there a way to make it ALWAYS display? The purpose of adding the boarder was to provide a unified look. However if you look at the image below the Elective Type and Clock Hrs data cells are empty and have no boarders. This is not visually appealing. Is there a step I'm missing? I also tested adding a Fill Color to the content box however has the same behavior as the boarder.

Hi @Nanc-5d83, glad to see you are already adopting our new border styling features and thank you for sharing what you are experiencing! What you can do to show your content box is to add a trailing whitespace in the content box after the data cell. In my example app I added a space after my data cell. When you do this the content box will appear with your border.
image (38)

With what you shared here, I’ll make a request for our team to consider updating what you just experienced. If you have any further feedback, let us know!

Thank you @Matt_N, the extra white space solved the issue. It would be great if it was a default setting :slight_smile:


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