Display multiple columns in drop-downs

Please add ability to display multiple columns in a drop-down. I have a "add new item" form where one field is a dropdown. When clicking on the drop-down field, all I can see are the codes from the primary column. I want/need the code to be the value of the field after selecting a drop-down item. However, having the ability to display additional columns from the spreadsheet in the drop-down helps the user with context to ensure they are choosing the correct code.


Another workaround I’ve used is to make an extra column in my tables called “display”, and to concatenate a number of other column’s data into it. Then that one drop down can have a bit more detail.


Thanks for sharing your feedback @Allen, and for your workaround @AndrewB! We'll put in a feature request to the team for consideration.

Please keep your suggestions coming our way! :honeybee:

Not sue how that would work when writing back to the tables. If I concatenate cells A1, A2, and A3 and display that as the drop down, I don't think I can write back to A1, A2, and A3 when clicking the Submit button. Just not sure the actions options include splitting the data from one data cell into multiple table columns.

Related, I can achieve what I am looking for in one scenario, but not in other. I created a column in Table A that is a rowlink to Table B. I choose several columns from Table B which allows me to see multiple columns within one column in Table A. Screenshot provided showing Table A.

I can then use the Table A column in a screen as an editable dropdown. Users can see the multiple columns in the drop down and it works great, including writing to Table A. So this works on a screen where users edit the data cell directly and it saves immediately.

Where I cannot get this to work is on a form page where the user clicks a button to write all of the fields to the tables as a new row/record. I get a name error when trying to use the method above. The only option I can seem to get to work is to use the main column from Table B with just the code and no other columns, which are very helpful to the end user for context.

I'm hoping there is something fairly simple I can do to fix it, so I'll be playing around with it, but so far it is not working.

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