Do not change column widths in a table when a column is inserted or deleted

Currently, the column widths of a table are tied to the column's position. This means that the widths of columns often change when columns are inserted, removed or reordered, which is a big hassle if you're trying to keep columns appropriately sized for their contents.

For example, suppose I have a table formatted like below.

id | name        | address
1  | John Smith  | 4526 E Main St, Jacksonville, FL 99999
2  | Paul  Jones | 98 W Sycamore Ave, Houston, TX 00000

If I decide to move the "id" column, this is the result:

nam| address     | id
Joh| 4526 E Main | 1
Pau| 98 W Sycamor| 2 

All the columns are now the wrong size. This also happens when new columns are created or columns are deleted, and it's a major annoyance.

Hi @Isaiah, another good observation. Let me report this back to the product team to consider in a future update. And yes, I tend to agree, this can certainly become an annoyance when moving/creating/deleting columns. Thanks again for the input and please keep it coming in.

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