Does exceeding the API call limit impact normal app usage?

We have a number of external applications that interact with our Honeycode app through the Honeycode API. We had an unusual surge of user activity today that involved one of those external apps and may have caused us to exceed the access limits for the API. At around the same time, all apps for that workbook stopped working for around 25 minutes. Apps for other workbooks continued to work during that time.

If we exceed the usage limits for the Honeycode API, could that impact our ability to use the Honeycode app as well?

Hi @Michael_W_SCR :honeybee:

APIs are throttled at 5 writes per second, per AWS account, which helps prevent excessive requests that may slow the service. You can find more on the limits here: FAQs - Amazon Honeycode

If you experienced slowness or performance issues only with that particular workbook in the time frame you noted, it's possible that the external apps may have been continuously sending requests to that workbook throughout that time frame.

I hope that info helps! If you're still having any issues or have any other questions, please let us know. :honey_pot:

Thanks for that info. Do actions taken through the Honeycode app apply toward that limit of 5 write actions per second, or is it just external apps going through the API?

You're welcome, @Michael_W_SCR :slight_smile:

The limits specified in the article regard API requests (not actions within a Honeycode app). Triggered actions or automations in Honeycode are queued and do not run concurrently (one finishes before another starts, so no race conditions occur in Honeycode).