Does Honeycode allow a "Public" user?

It seems that Honeycode is built for internal (trusted) teams within an organization. Is it possible to use Honeycode as an outwardly (internet) facing app? Perhaps one where an "outside" user can do limited actions and would need to upgrade to a "inside" user within the Honeycode app? Are publicly facing apps outside the scope of what Honeycode is interested in?


Hello StephenCagle,
I've thought the same, as I have wanted my employees to have the full function of honeycode workbooks but yet my Customers would be able to simply view the status of their fleets that I manage. It would limit my emails, text and Phone calls we recieve on the daily regarding the status updates.

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Hi @StephenCagle, welcome to the community! And thanks for the question. Today we use the concept of Teams to share apps, which means you have to add users to your team in order for them to access it. The app is still public/internet-facing, however, it's just matter of who has been granted access.

I'll also add that you can have multiple apps based on the same data set. So for example, one set of users, "outside" or as @Morelli mentioned, "customers," could use app A which is read/view only, while internal teammates would have app B which has more control over the data. And both could rely on the same Honeycode Table(s).

For more info on Teams, please visit here: Adding Team Members

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any more questions.

ps. Anonymous access to apps has been a relatively common feature request, and is something our product management team has been made aware of. :slight_smile: