Does honeycode have user management?

I have an application where multiple users will review segments of a list and mark them as approved / un-approved.

How do I manage users with Honeycode?

You can access the current user in the app builder using the variable $[SYS_USER].

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Thank you Isaiah. So if I wanted to assign rows x:y to user a, and rows a:b to user b, how do i specify the user?

If you're viewing the table directly, you can specify the column format Contact and then type the user's full name or pick the name from the autocomplete suggestion list. If you want to do it with an app, you will want to first create a Users table, create a row for each user, and then in the app builder create a screen where you can use a picklist to allow a row from the Users table to be selected.

Hi @Jord-4403, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

In addition to @Isaiah's tips, I just wanted to add a couple of references that may be helpful for you.

Through personalization, you are able to manage personalize apps views based on the user (i.e. display only certain information to users). You can check out this link to see how to set this up: How to Personalize App Views.

We also have templates available in Honeycode that you could reference or start building your app from. An example that relates your app concept is the PO Approvals template: Purchase Order (PO) Approvals.

Hope those help you further. :slight_smile: