Does Honeycode support push notification/broadcast

I started building an example app is there a way to push notification to a specific user or broadcast message/notification to all the team members.

Thanks :smile:

Hi @Ravishan! We currently do not support push notifications. However, I pulled some resources for you describing how to send email and in-app notifications to your Honeycode users:

If there's something you're trying to do that's not covered, please share your use case!


Thanks @Nina that's really helpful :clap:

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can we do SMS (text) notifications? Might we be able to notify iteratively down a list of resources? I'm thinking of calling out in a sequence.

Hi @WILL-0348, welcome to the community! Unfortunately, you cannot send out SMS (text) notifications today. I'm happy to add this item as a feature request though. Before I do that, would you mind sharing your use case and why you're looking for SMS specifically?