Download zipped CSV files of all tables in a workbook

As a rule, I try to back up any important data so I am not vulnerable to a single point of failure. I'd like to be able to easily download a backup of my data once a week just in case I somehow lose access to Honeycode, accidentally delete a workbook, etc. I understand this is probably possible through the API, but I would appreciate a less technically complicated method. If I could even just easily export it to an S3 bucket, I would be happy. Then I could use another tool like S3 Browser or similar to download the backup easily enough.


Hi @Isaiah, thanks for this request!

I'll pass this along to our team to evaluate for future Honeycode updates.

I'll note that native integration with S3 and other AWS services has been a popular request that our team is exploring. Though, for your request, I'll include your ask for the ability to export data locally (directly from Honeycode).

Let us know if you think of anything else you'd like to see in the product. :honeybee:

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Hi @Isaiah, you likely already know this but I just wanted to make sure; while today we do not support downloading zipped CSV files, there are certain precautionary steps that you can take to prevent situations such as like what you had mentioned about accidentally deleting a workbook. You could, for example, on a period basis duplicate your workbook(s) which would include your data, apps, etc. It doesn't help from a losing access to Honeycode perspective, but perhaps could give you some additional assurance.

In addition, while definitely not idea, you can always copy and paste your data from a table into something local to your system. I understand this can be quite a burden though if you're dealing with numerous tables.

Anyway, again, just wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the options here.

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