Drop down change Event , and get respective data

i have a table name Type with column Type and description

Type desc
A Apple
B Ball
C Cat

in my screen i have Type has drop down , it shows A, B , C
When i select A,

below text box/ Data cell should be Fill with Apple

if i change the drop down value to B/ Data cell value Should be update to Ball

please help me to understand this

Hi @Anil-470f-

Let me know if this approach helps:

type table:

configure picklist as follows:

configure content box/data cell box as follows:

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Hi @Anil-470f, @atsouth's approach should do the trick. Let us know if not.

@atsouth - thanks for chiming in here! Love to see the collaboration in the community.


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i have tried but formula is giving Error i have attached the screen shot,
in may case i have Email Type intial migration, .. etc,
once i choose the email type respectivey email body should load

Please provide a response

Hi @Anil-470f, I think you are nearly there. Here are a couple of pointers.

Assuming that you have a table called NotifcationType and you are trying to create an edit screen for the EmailBodies for each different notification type. I assume you want to pick a notification type from the Type drop down, see what the EmailBody of the notification is and save it. That's what I'm reading from your thread and screenshot; if I'm wrong let me know.

Here is what I'd do:

  1. Make sure that the Data Field where you have InitialMigration in your screenshot is called "Picklist"; also make sure it is a variable not shared. See my screenshot.

  2. Put the EmailBody in a separate Block. Set that block's data =$[Picklist] and the field itself (the one that shows #NAME? in your screenshot) set that to =[Email] (and mark it editable if you want to change the EmailBody, and leave it Shared if you want the edits to be saved automatically in the table). See the screenshot below.

You should now be able to cycle through all your Types and edit their EmailBody easily. Because the =[Email] Data Cell is Shared (aka. tied to the table itself, as "stored" for you in the choice in the $[Picklist]) you will automatically be making changes in the table directly. No need to add any actions on the Done button to do the saving. This method does not allow you to validate input data, but it will allow you to quickly edit any EmailBody for any Type.

There is a wizard that helps create the edit screen for you automatically. You can read more about how to do field validation here:

Hope this helped.