Duplicate a workbook to another account

I have two company and I'd like to duplicate a workbook from the account of company A to the account of company B.

It's possible ?


You can duplicate a workbook within your own account and you can add Company B to a workbook Company A created, but I don't think there's currently any way to actually duplicate workbooks across accounts.

Hi @Seveweb, welcome to the community and thanks for your post! :slight_smile:

@Isaiah is correct in that you are able to duplicate workbooks, but just in the Honeycode drive the workbook is currently in. To share it with a contact, you would need to add the contact to your team to be able to share the app.

I can pass your ask along to our team as a feature request. We also had a similar request to be able to share workbooks between groups (different accounts).

Just so we have more info, could you provide more details for your use case of how this would be helpful? Also, let us know how you're currently blocked, if relevant.

Thank you for your answer.

My problems are the tables and their data.
If companies are separate, the privacy law states that separate databases are required.

Hi @Seveweb,

I see, thanks for your reply -

I'll submit this as a request to be able to share workbooks and apps between different teams or groups.

I'll note too that in a scenario where you were to share workbooks with others that you may not want to have access to table data, levels of access may need to be specified as well (Some info on this is available here: Sharing Workbooks & Apps).

Let us know if you think of anything else you'd like to be able to do in Honeycode as you explore the product. :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

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I think the specific need can be met with a simple metadata export approach wherein metadata for a selected set of tables, automations and apps can be exported into a file and then imported into another account. I have an opportunity to support local charitable/educational organizations using Honeycode but limited by the fact I have no means of delivering ownership of the application to that organization.

Hi @DaleJWardJr,

Welcome to the community! And thank you for your input on this.

I'll pass on your notes to our team to evaluate (to export and import data to another account). I'm also including your thoughts in a similar request that others brought up (around just exporting data from Honeycode).

Thanks for sharing your use case too, that's wonderful that you're looking to support local charitable and educational orgs using Honeycode. :slight_smile:

For your case, perhaps you could create separate teams for the groups and build your apps under the according team. Then you can add others to the team to share the app with them when ready.

Or vice versa, the organizations can create the team and add you as a teammate to build the app. Here's more on teams, in case it helps: Adding Team Members.

Let us know if you think of anything else that would improve your experience or make it easier to use the product. We want to help you be successful with Honeycode for your cause. :honeybee:

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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