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This seems like it should be simple to do, but for some reason I can't figure out how to edit the values in a selected row. As usual help does not help. I looked at a sample app and it seems that i need to create an edit form, but then it's unclear how to attach the form to the current row. Compared to using Glide, I find this supposed non-technical easy to use app builder very frustrating. I does some things great, but many things are just frustrating


Hi @Bill-dc9c, welcome to the community! Check out the top of this article on how to edit values in rows. All that's necessary is to click on the data cell in the list row that you'd like editable, and then check the 'Editable' box in the data cell properties.

Hope this helps!


thanks @aj for your suggestion however I want to create a separate screen for editing for other reasons. I am using thisrow() and write to inputrow on the edit screen when clicking on the edit button, but I am getting #value! in the inputrow data cell.
Is there a way to make the datacells editable when a button clicked only?

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Thisrow() only works if there’s a row context for the block the edit button is in.

I’m guessing you’ll need to take data from the $[inputrow] on your viewing screen, and write that row link into the $[inputrow] on your edit screen.

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@AndrewB I'm not the original poster, but this just solved my problem, thank you.

I'm still trying to get my head around the context of where you are in the data. I incorrectly assumed that once you entered a record, you could then reference the record you were in by using Thisrow().

@Adam happy to help. It is quite tricky keeping track of it.

Hi @Meezcal, just checking in with this to see if @AndrewB's response helped at all. We're here to help if not!

I found that putting a button inside a Block of customer contact details enabled me to create a screen to edit those details. Used the Actions - Quick actions - Set variables - "Take data from:" thisrow() to pass to the $[InputRow] and it works fine.

However, I wanted to make tapping anywhere on the whole block itself a link to the editing screen. Assigning "Take data from" as =thisrow() or =$[InputRow] both do not work for the Block. I guess the Block doesn't have the context of the current row, even though for the Block the context is set via Block properties - Data - Source - Set source: =$[InputRow]
Any tips please?

Hi @Neil, any particular reason why you do not allow edits to the data in the contact detail form, like outlined in the last section here? Lists vs. Blocks

If I'm understanding your flow correctly, you'll have a list of contacts, click or tap on a contact to go to contact details. But then you'll also have another screen to edit the contact details?

If you don't mind, pls send a screen shot or two, might help provide clarity of your intent.

@h_coder Yes you got my flow. It's because it's a kind of landing page, summarising all information collected for a contact (actually a machine and customer in my case), not just those contact details. The contact details (a Block) are not clickable (or maybe I just didn't figure it out yet), while the service logs below (a List) link to the edit screen for each entry without even trying, thanks to the wizard.

So I added an Edit button to the top of the block, which also works great, but a slightly different user experience to the List below it. Not too fussed now.

@Neil-3ed1 Nice work you're doing there! Instead of the Edit button for the machine block you might be able to get away with just selecting the editable button for each data cell in the block (in builder). It's literally just a check box in the properties (check out the article, last section). That way there is no need to navigate away from the screen, the user would just click/tap the data cell and edit and that would update the table.

Either way, sounds like you have something working!

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