Edit Workbook Team Assignment

Is there a way to change the Team for a workbook? I created a worksheet as part of one team however I'd like to change it to another team I'm assigned to and share the app.


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You could "Duplicate" the Workbook, and invite a seperate team, and re-title that workbook for reference.


Hi @Nanc-5d83 thanks for the post! @Morelli's suggestion would be what you could do to share the app in your case. After you duplicate the workbook, you can add contacts to the team the workbook is in and then share.

We have heard similar feedback from our community around features to duplicate workbooks across teams and I’ll be sure to include your case as well. If you have any other feedback, please let us know!

Thanks Matt I'm glad to hear other users are also asking for the ability to modify the team. In my case my team and the other team have different team plans and I wanted to change the solution over to the team with the Plus Plan. Hopefully will have the ability soon.