Editable Tree View of Page Element Names

Hello Honeycode Team,
Thanks for the great app. After using it more, I have found a feature that would be mighty helpful.

  • What’s your feature request?Editable tree view of page element names

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?When creating a page with a large number of similar elements, for example forms, the way to name elements in a meaningful way is a very slow process. It is also kind of a get it correct at once or redo the whole process, which is a massive efficiency killer. The way this could work is, there's just an editor similar to navigation editor, that just displays the list of all the page element titles in order, with the ability to edit the names. Ideally, when starting an edit, it would highlight the element in the view too, but that is not mandatory.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?Not a blocker, but a massive time sink, if copy/pasting elements around, or if switching form prefixing to suffixing, or similar.
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Hi @codemeddler, thank you for sharing your feature request!

We're all about increasing productivity, decreasing time spent, and simplifying processes. We'll get your feedback over to the team to consider, as we're focusing on improving the builder experience in Honeycode.

Please continue to share your thoughts and suggestions with us! :honeybee:

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