Educational-How to Series

I have performed the 3 modules, done the current "How-to/Videos". Does The HoneyCode Team Plan to expand on the educational how-to? Examples being a Step by Step Template builder module.

It's great that HoneyCode has the ready to use Templates, but it would be nice to have a "Step-by-Step tutorial" in which you could build it yourself to better understand how to navigate, and efficiently use HoneyCode and land on the finish product and expand on it.

Thank you.

Hi @Morelli, it's great to read that you've been exploring our Knowledge Center articles. Our educational content is high priority, as we want our customers to feel supported in their builder journey.

I'm happy to share that we have content planned which will support your feedback :smiley: We're also continuing to improve our educational articles as the product and our community evolves.

Keep your suggestions coming our way and let us know how we can better support your Honeycode experience :honeybee:

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