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how to link the email page for the password & mailid for the login page

Hi @Sai0707, and welcome to our community! We'd love to help out, but need a little more information from you.

Could you please describe in more detail what you're trying to achieve? What is your business or use case? What is the problem you're trying to solve?

I just want same as how it login in the email account, what to do for that process in the honecode to login by creating the app

Hello @Sai0707 and @Taylor

@Sai0707 - please let me know if I am understanding your question correctly based on the example I am providing below.

Example: Your users email addresses used to log into Honeycode are,, and You have or want an automation that when triggered sends an email to those users, but are struggling to set it up.

Am I understanding correctly?

Thank you,

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@DannyHoney and @Taylor -Hello when we used to login the page that page shows the information from the mail address .So the process to link the username and password both we should link to login the page.
I want that how to connect in honeycode.

Hi @Sai0707, we're happy to help you with your login question, but before doing so we'll just need a bit more details. Could you provide more specifics on your use case and what you are trying to accomplish?

For example - Is this a feature request or an issue you are experiencing? Is it related to Honeycode sign up or post sign up such as the Honeycode login page? Or is it related being able to access to an app?

I also wanted to share a few links that might help:

We look forward to your response.