Embeding App in My Website

“*edit: Embedding Apps in Website to Share Forms Public to get Data *” (you can use this as the Topic title)

  • Can I Share My Form Public to get Feedback?edit: I Suggest these Features because this what we need from you to help build our web app more productively. some Feel So tired and irritated to sign up your Website to fill a Form..

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked to Public Share?edit: Since I can’t export into a PDF, I don’t have the option to share information cleanly with my stakeholders. I have to copy and paste the information into various tables, which isn’t convenient we Need to add Public Sharing Option and Embebing in Websites.

Hi @Ebyron1998 welcome to the community! Thank you for sharing your feedback here, this is very helpful to hear. I can see how being able to embed a form to collect information from the public can be useful. I will bring this feedback to my team for consideration.

In regards to the feedback about sharing information cleanly with your stakeholders, would you be able to provide some more details about that specific use case/scenario? In your case, are these stakeholders outside of your company/business thus inviting them to join your Honeycode team is not an option for you? If you have any further details, let me know and I can also bring this case to my team as well.


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