Error about exceeding max expressions per workbook

I got an error message today saying workbook exceeded system limit of expressions-per-workbook. It says the limit is 20,000. I couldn't find anything about a limit on number of expressions. Can anyone explain to me what this is about?

Hi @Michael_W_SCR :honeybee:

Thanks for sharing what you bumped into; without seeing the logs or info, it's tough to say what caused this error.

Is this issue still occurring for you? If it is, could you submit this to us in an issue report? To do so, click on the "Help" icon in the left-hand panel > "Report an issue." These reports contains logs that help show what may be going on.

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Thanks for replying. I did report the issue. Haven't heard anything back yet.

Hi @Michael_W_SCR ,

We checked the reported issues and we do not see one submitted from you regarding this issue.
Could you please try to submit an issue again? Let us know if you have any trouble submitting a report.

I just tried to submit an error report again and it didn't work. Here is a screenshot. The last error occurred after trying to submit the error report.

Hi @Michael_W_SCR,

Confirming here that we've received your issue report (thank you for submitting that!).

Our team is taking a look into the logs, and we will reach out to you privately if further information is needed.

This was followed up on privately with @Michael_W_SCR, but I'm also documenting on this thread, in case others encounter this as well.

As of now, there is a 20,000 expression limit per workbook in Honeycode, and in this situation, that limit was reached when an app was duplicated in the same workbook. For a work-around, a workbook could be duplicated rather than an app within a workbook, if that action will exceed any limits.

Our team is evaluating our notifications and documentation around limits, and if you encounter any other errors that seem unexpected to you, please submit an issue report to our team to take a look. :honey_pot: :honeybee: