Error checking of a line of a list


I have a list with editable cells.

How can I check the validity of the data of the cells of a row of a list?
If the line has errors, I'd like it not to be updates.


hi @Seveweb, great question

First, it's important to know that if you are looking at a list of values from a table they are likely to be "Shared" (i.e. linked to the table data), so if you make edits in the list the changes will automatically saved to the table. In this case you cannot prevent the save action, it's automatic. What you can do is show/alert the user that the data is not valid.

To show that the data is not valid you would create another column in the table, let's call it "IsValid" and set it's value to a condition that evaluates as either true or false. You can use IF, FILTER or other functions and conditions that evaluate to true or false.


You cannot store Variable in a list at this time so you need to put this field in the table row itself. You will get something like this:

My rule is simple =IF([Hours]>2,TRUE,FALSE).

You can also double the row, in the screen builder, and set one to green and one to red. etc...

Hope you like this simple solution.

You would create a field in the list and assign it's value to an IF statement. This IF statement would contain the business rule for validation.

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Thank you for your reply.
I noticed that you can only create "Shared" type variables. I think yours is the only possible trick.