Event for Open Screen

Hi All,

on my Main screen i have added a button which simply opens a new screen.
On that screen I would like to offer a User a Button to add records to a table.
He would be only allowed to to this under certain conditions, lets say, if he is doing this for the first time.

The point is, I would like to run this "approval" BEFORE he press any button on the new screen. Kind of "OpenScreen Event"

Is there a way to to that?
cheers Claus

Hi @Clau-d12b

Thank you for the question! The easiest way I could think of doing this is to have visibility condition on the button that shows up under certain conditions. For example, let's suppose I have a Records table with a User column. Now, if I want to only show the button I have not created a Record where the User column is set to me, then I would create a button and set its visibility under Display with the following formula:

=ISERROR(FindRow(Records, "Records[User]=$[SYS_USER]"))

One thing to keep in mind is that visibility is not secure. So to make sure even a malicious user cannot exploit it, I would only Run step if this condition is met on the same condition, like so:

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have follow-up questions!


Very good idea.
Thx a lot


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