Example data in form field

We have several forms and while most fields are self explanatory some fields could use either example data in the field or a tooltip option. The example data would show up as light grey in the field, but that data would not write to the tables if the user skipped the field.

Alternatively, a tooltip type option would be another solution. Just looking for a way to provide additional information about a field without taking up screen space. I know we can use another text area to explain the field, but that takes up too much space - especially because of the default spacing that occurs with each new object. The additional text couldn't be positioned right up against the field

Hello @Allen,

*Thanks for your suggestion! It's great to know you're using our Forms feature in Honeycode. We'll share your suggestion with the product team for consideration in a future update. Please let us know if there are any other features that would be helpful for you to build forms.

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