Explorer Series Blog | How do you help your team stay in sync?

We’re excited to launch our second blog in the Explorer Series, How do you help your team stay in sync? | Building in Honeycode. In this blog, @Pinar shows us the app she uses to manage program reviews across multiple Amazon teams with various stakeholders.

Here’s a sneak peak to get you started:

This app is my team’s main tool for coordinating and tracking 12 large-scale programs we set up to deliver on our yearly goals. Each of these programs has a team of 8-10 people assigned to work on different initiatives within programs and deliverables within initiatives (folding structure). I built this app to give our organization visibility, breed accountability, and quality of delivery. We execute to our roadmap using this app across an organization of 200+ people... Read full blog

We encourage all of you to give it a read, and to post any questions you may have on the app, the process, or the blog itself.

Honeycode Team

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