Explorer Series | Celebrating employee milestones using Honeycode

How do you keep your team members connected? How do you make them feel special on important dates or milestones? Celebrating employee milestones using Honeycode is our newest blog in the Explorer Series, which our author, Andy Carver, shares his story about how he creates celebratory moments for his team members using Honeycode.

Blog preview:

Honeycode allowed me to bring an idea to life, as I wouldn’t have had the capacity to create something on my own since I don’t have a coding background. I want to also note that birthday and anniversary recognition has doubled since we launched this app, which is a huge success. Overall, the experience was smooth and any roadblocks I encountered were easily resolved with the great Help & Community guides for Honeycode... Read full blog

We encourage all of you to give it a read, and comment below with any questions!

The Honeycode Team

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