Explorer Series Highlights | FindRow() and Today()

Are you looking for more information on FindRow() and Today()? Look no further! In @Dan's latest Explorer Series Video: FindRow() and Today(), we will use the Weekly Demo Schedule template to showcase Honeycode's formula syntax. We will also cover these two functions:

  • FindRow() is similar to a VLOOKUP, but instead of returning a single value, it returns an entire row of data a.k.a. a rowlink.
  • Today() returns the current date and can be leveraged in many use cases, for example, ensuring your app displays the most current data.

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HoneyCode team is coming through hard with all the Learning Publications. Thank you all for ensuring the Non-Coders like myself can find the resources needed to overcome my struggles to figure this stuff out.

Thank you Taylor, Alyssa, RajeshGoli, Dan, Aj, DanielTet, and Jared (community member). I appreciate the knowledge shared.


Thank you for your kind words, @Morelli! We're thrilled you're a part of our community and have really enjoyed helping you along your builder journey. Keep up the good work and let us know how we can help :honeybee: :grinning:


Hi @Morelli,

Happy to hear that our forum and resources have been helpful for you! To echo @Taylor, we appreciate your kind feedback. :star2: :honeybee:

If you think of anything that would further improve your experience in Honeycode (either resources here on the forum or a feature in the product itself), feel free to share. :slight_smile: