Explorer Series | Honeycode enabled our Monthly Status Reporting

Our newest spotlight blog in the Explorer Series, Honeycode enabled our Monthly Status Reporting, is live! @DaleJWardJr and his team were in search of a no-code/low-code solution for their monthly status report collection, and turned to Honeycode.

Below is a sneak peek to get your started:

At Diné Development Corporation (DDC), our teams provide expert IT services to government agencies such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, NASA, and the Defense Information System Agency (DISA). Often, our teams can become very large and the task of delivering the MSR [Monthly Status Report] becomes a labor-intensive, time-consuming task requiring the participation and coordination of program managers, site leads, and individual team members working across multiple teams and locations... Read full blog

We encourage all of you to give it a read, and comment below with any questions!

The Honeycode Team

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