Explorer Series | Using Honeycode to develop an Alexa Skill on-the-go

Joel wanted an easy way to help his two daughters craft personal projects, and Honeycode + Alexa Skills was the answer. Our latest spotlight blog in the Explorer Series, Using Honeycode to develop an Alexa Skill on-the-go, brings light to a unique integration use case for Honeycode.

Blog preview:

During the current pandemic, my daughters wanted to spend time with fun activities, and I wanted to help them. Since my kids have no coding experience, I needed an accessible solution for them and I chose Honeycode. This AWS service has allowed me to achieve their request by means of building a user-friendly content creation experience with Alexa Skills for the non-technical person... Read full blog

We encourage all of you to give it a read, and comment below with any questions!

The Honeycode Team

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