Exporting Data Out of Honeycode

At this point it looks like Honeycode is a walled garden. I cannot export the data out of it for BI (business insight) purpose.

Does anyone here know how to export the data out to a DB or Google sheet?


For now, I believe we’re limited to copy/pasting cells from HC to other spreadsheet programs.

You could try connecting to your AWS account (go to Teams tab) and see what you can do from there. Might be that only paid accounts will do it, though.

There's an API way to do it. Your account must be plus or pro. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/honeycode/latest/APIReference/API_GetScreenData.html

Definitely need an export feature. We are considering dropping use over this!


The ability to export and print formatted pdf reports, etc is desperately needed. I have a great project going for a small business but this may be the showstopper.


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to chime in here to let you know that your voices are heard, and exporting data directly from Honeycode is a feature our team is evaluating.

Thanks for your thoughts so far! If you have any additional use case info or details around how you're currently blocked, let us know here. :honeybee:


My team is also interested in an export function for app-users!

My first thought is somehow building this functionality into the list and form objects within Honeycode. That way you can toggle export functionality on and off, screen by screen, and you would also allow app-users greater control within an application since they would be able to apply filters to the list prior to exporting.

Hi @Pete,

Got it, thank you for your input!

I'll add your thoughts around creating objects in Builder that could allow export functionality to our feature requests.

Let us know if you think of anything else you'd like to see in Honeycode. :honeybee:

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?Today, the only way to get data out of Honeycode is to copy and paste. This makes it incredibly difficult for app-users to: get reporting from our application, share information with team members, and ultimately to use our application as a source of truth for their work.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?Today, getting reporting from our application relies heavily on my team manually pulling data from our Honeycode tables. This process is: time consuming, prone to human error, manual, and counter-intuitive to the self-service model we trying to build.

Hi @Pete,

Thanks for your post and additional details! I'll add your feedback to the feature request.

We appreciate you chiming into the Exporting Data Out of Honeycode thread too. :slight_smile:

I'm going to merge this thread into that one, to help centralize the request.

Keep your thoughts flowing, we appreciate all the feedback you've provided so far! :honeybee:


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