Feasibility to connect data to external Database

Table should have ability to sync data with external table(NoSQL or Relational) and also allow Lambda function to perform automated tasks. These two feature can be an add on can differentiate from similar applications like Microsoft Teams or Quip.


I have a similar question related to existing RDS AWS databases - any way to link the data to Honeycode?


Also - if we don't have 'live' connectivity today, is there anyway we can create a data bridge (batch) to populate AWS RDS data into Honeycode?

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AWS should not stop with just AWS Db's. They can provide easy connectors to more famous DB's. Doesn't make sense to manually keep entering Data. Quip for now has ability to connect to Salesforce Org's and pull data from there.


Hi @Praj-3830, thank you for your suggestion. There are two separate but related suggestions here, if I understand correctly:

  1. Sync data between honeycode and external database tables and
  2. Allow you to build Lambda functions that perform automated tasks inside honeycode workbooks based on specific external tiggers.

Let me start with #2. You can do this today using Honeycode APIs. Let's say you wanted to automate adding a new row to a table based on an event that triggers a lambda. To achieve this, start by creating an app in your workbook. Then, configure the app with a screen where you collect inputs required to create a row, and a screen automation (triggered by a button) to add the row to a table. After this is set up, you can have the Lamda call InvokeScreenAutomation honeycode API to insert the row using the screen automation you just created. For more details, please see Getting Started with Honeycode APIs.

On your suggestion #1, I think it is a cool idea. I'm going to file a feature request with the team. In the interim, you can use a similar approach as described above to create a script to synchronize your tables periodically.


Wow. .. Didn't expect such quick response. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Would certainly try the API call. Really nice to hear that you liked the first idea. Hope this really takes off. Would be happy to help in any possible manner.

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Thanks Rajesh, I understand your train of thought here and it makes sense. My sense is that the there is great benefit for business users here to work with Honeycode - once we start to have to spin up lambdas to access/sync data we have left the business user community behind because most wont be able to program that, so it would be great to add this as a native Honeycode enhancement.

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Hi. Is there a possibility to send some webhooks form application?
And how can app receive some triggers from the outside? For example - can the lambda function add/modify records in the app tables?

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My company would deploy this platform immediately if and only if it could interface with SQL Server tables, views, stored procs, etc. It would be much too arduous to move data into AWS. Honestly, the world needs an alternative to Microsoft's Power Platform (the October licensing fiasco is proof of that.)

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Hi @Alex-1d3c welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. Currently we do not have an ability to call webhooks from application. One creative solution we have seen our customers employ is to read the data in the workbook periodically to see a state they're observing has changed. When it has, you can have the same script call the external webhook. This method does require that you have an execution environment (say, like a Lambda) to run your script in.

As for your second question, we currently support APIs: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs, that you can call in from a Lambda function. These APIs can be used to add or modify rows in Honeycode tables.

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Hello Rajesh,
I have created lambda function with honeycode API (invokeScreenAutomation). I have got confused! when users click on any automation button at that time lambda function invoke with honey code event(automation-ACTIONS) or not?
How to use particular write, update or delete data in the workbook event with lambda function? Also, I allowed to send any variables honeycode to lambda function or not?when any automation event call.

Hi @Bhav-0efb thank you for the question and welcome to the forum! Looks like we answered your question here, please let us know if that doesn't address your question.

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Hey folks, thanks for joining the discussion! We'd love to gather more information from each of you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

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Hi @Praj-3830 @Scot-e9dc @Alex-1d3c @geauxvols @Bhav-0efb I know it's been a while since this post, but wanted to bring to your attention to integrations with Zapier, Amazon AppFlow and web-hook based integrations we announced this week, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs. Check out Release Notes - December 2, 2020 for more details. Would love to hear your feedback, if any - happy Honeycoding, if not!