Feature Request: Controlled Mechanism to Share Data Between Workbooks

As the number of apps build out I can see the benefit of having workbooks as a way of organising apps and scope of work. However I'd like to share some tables from a workbook (such as mastered data sets) with other workbooks to avoid having to redevelop or re-enter data in each new workbook.

Suggestion is:
Data Tables need to be identified as shared/global in a new tables Properties... option. If so, they can be 'seen' or can be referenced by all other workbooks in the account. If not, they are not visible outside the workbook.

Shared Tables are read only outside their parent workbook, no updates.

A developer can Reference another workbook's table by adding another [] at the beginning of the reference, i.e. [workbook][table][column]

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Hello and welcome to our community @Neil-0953! It's great to read you've built a number of apps -- your feedback is also quite helpful. I'll share this with our Product team for consideration :smiley:

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