Feature request: Creating PDF invoices and other reports

I need to generate and email PDF invoices from my app. So, for example, if I'm in a in a document in [competing platform] document, there's an "email as PDF" option in the file menu. But creating an invoice application using [competing platform's] spreadsheets and [competing platform's] documents is a huge pain, and you can't create a decent interface for it, and doing any kind of automation requires a lot of custom scripting.

If AWS Honeycode supports PDF exports, or has plans to in the near future, it would make the platform a serious consideration for us, since we've long wanted to move to a cloud system for a lot of internal functions we currently do with our on-prem database platform.


BTW, I had to rewrite this feature request three times -- apparently because I used the name of a competing company that begins with the letter "G." It's really hard to say almost anything without using the G-word! Especially if you're talking about online spreadsheets and email integration!

Hi @Mari-0386 thank you for letting us know about your experience referencing Google on this forum. This has been fixed now.

With regards PDF export. Honeycode doesn't currently support it, but I will create a feature request for our PM team's consideration.

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I also referred to a database that starts with the letter "f" and ends with the word "maker" -- I've been trying to migrate off of it to a cloud database for a decade now.

That database has a built-in scripting language so it's not completely no code, but if they had a SaaS option, I'd stick with them. Unfortunately, they seem to be ignoring this opportunity completely.

Any chance that you would offer migration tools for either that database platform, or the one you can "access" from the M-word company?

-- Maria

I'll flag request for migration tooling for our team. Thank you for suggesting this!

BTW, you can totally just say FileMaker, Microsoft and other names of products and companies now. After seeing what you went through yesterday, I've adjusted forum settings accordingly :blush:

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