Feature Request - Make the Formula Bar feature rich with text coloring, bracket matching, etc

The Formula bar is the most powerful piece of functionality that the app developer would be using to manipulate data and tables. Right now the formula bar is a simple text box, which only provides limited Auto complete & help text functionality for Functions. I'm referring to the bar that is displayed on the top of the builder interface just below the formatting ribbon.

The formula bar can be made more powerful with the following enhancements:

  1. Make the formula bar (fb) automatically multi-line, so that as soon as the text exceeds the displayed width of the bar, the screen adjusts to show more lines in the fb.
  2. Add rich text color coding so that all formula names are shown in a specific color, all variable ($[name]) are shown in a different color.
  3. Automatically show matching bracket when the cursor is under a specific bracket "(" or ")" for Formulas and even "[" or "]" (for variables)
  4. In case of multiple nested formulas, make the text of the formula details being activly entered as black text and rest of the string before and after that formula's start and ending ")" bracket as light gray - so that user can immediately identify which part of the formula they are in.
    for Eg: for the below formula
    =IF(MID(findrow(Grids,"Grids[Player]=$[Player] AND Grids[GameCode]=$[Game]")[Grid],7,1)="1",FALSE,TRUE)
    if I'm in the 'findrow' formula, show the text as follows (here italicized text should be light grey in color) :
    =*IF(MID*(findrow(Grids,"Grids[Player]=$[Player] AND Grids[GameCode]=$[Game]")*[Grid],7,1)="1",FALSE,TRUE*)

I'll update with other suggestions that I can think of.


hi @sin.ak, this is an excellent feature request and the enhancements could certainly help as one builds more complex formulas. I went ahead and logged this as a feature request; please keep these requests coming in!