Feature Request: Recurring Automation

Currently, when creating an automation, you can only choose a particular date and time. I would like to have the option to create a recurring automation (e.g. every 1st of the month). In my use case, I would like to use it for clearing a table from old records.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion with us @Hara! We've created a feature request ticket for the team to review.

You can create a recurring Automation today by being creative with the Append Row block and having an additional table.


"Trigger" Table: A single column table with the "Date". The first row should be the June 1, 2020 (i.e. the date you want to trigger on)

Table Automation:

This automation triggers on the first of the month, and then adds a new row for the next month. This effectively creates a recurrence. After that, delete the table with the provided filter for old records.

  1. Start 0 minutes after Row Date on "Trigger" table.
  2. Add a row to "Trigger" Table, take data from =DATE(YEAR(Trigger[Date]),MONTH(Trigger[Date])+1,1)
    And write to =[Date]
  3. Delete rows, run option =FILTER(TableToDelete) and delete specified row =ThisRow().

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