Feature Request: Run if condition for navigation buttons

It would be really handy if we could do "run if" conditions on navigation buttons. For instance, perhaps you are gathering pages of data about an entity, and you have certain optional data that you need to gather only under certain conditions. In this case, you might gather the required info on one page, and have the next button either take you to the optional data gathering page or a verification page, depending on the data gathered on the first page.

This is doable, but is much more complicated than it could be. Without conditional navigation, we have to have 2 buttons, put conditional display logic on both of them, and have 2 different automations, possibly having to replicate action steps that occur before the navigation. If we had conditional navigation, we could have 1 button, no display logic, and 1 automation containing the actions before the navigation followed by two conditional navigation steps.


Hi @BillCan, good suggestion. Will log this as a feature request as well. Know exactly what you're referring to and have had to go the multiple button route as well; but seems like there could be a better way here. Thx again for the ideas.


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