Field Service Agent

Out in the field? No problem. Update work orders and customer info—any time, on mobile devices.

Getting started

Click here or select the Field Service Agent template when creating a new workbook.

App screenshots

Data organization

Metadata tables

  • M_States and M_Status are used to provide a list of states and work order statusus.

Data tables

  • A_WorkOrders stores the work orders and related metadata including service agents, customer information, and invoice line items. This table is modified when a new work order is created or modified through the app.

  • D_Customers stores customer information and is linked to the D_Properties table to store the properties for each customer. Similarly, D_Invoices stores invoice line items for each work order and is linked via rowlinks. Filters are used to retrieve information from the linked tables.

Builder Tip :hammer_and_wrench:: Group your tables using prefixes to easily find related tables.

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