[fillter()] help .What should I do if I want to get only a specific [columnName] one by one?

Please tell me a little more about the solution.
What should I do if I want to get only a specific [columnName] one by one?

Hi @todo-yuya,

It's nice to hear from you again! I'm having trouble understanding your question. Do you mind providing some more information?

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Hi! @Evelyn

I would like to create a table that retrieves specific columns that meet the criteria.

I don't want to be in the filter state.

Hi @todo-yuya!

Thank you for reaching out again! I can think of a couple ways you can achieve getting a filter expression's rows into a table or app and adjust column data.

Table Method

  1. To add a fiters' output into a table, you need to hover over the filtered view and select the mini-snapshot of it that pops up. This should open a new table.

  2. Once in this new table, you should see a filtered view of data. From there you can add/delete/change columns to your liking.

App Screen Method

Accessing a filter's output can also be done via the app screens. For instance, once you have a filtered a table, you can start by adding the right screens to help convey this data your team. Here is a video and the written instructions:

  1. In overview mode, start with your table that has the filtered rows and write down it's name.

  2. Select a screen that will bring you to edit mode.

  3. Select Insert [+] and add a new List screen of your choosing. Set the table from step 1 as the data source.

  4. Select the green nub menu [+] on the side of the screen and select Detail view plus related list.

  5. You should see the filtered rows at the bottom. From here you can map and unmap any columns of your choosing or you can hide certain row data using Conditional Visibility & Styling.

Please reach out with more questions!



I'm sorry I couldn't convey it well.

I want to retrieve one of the contents of the filter.
I want to take out only one row and make it a table.