Filter data Cell Not working

I'm trying to create a sotre management system. I have a table with the ID of the product, name of the product, category, price, etc. I need to linked to a new table wich will be the sales screen in the app. I havent being avle to link the price data cell to the ID piklist on the new table.



Here is the formula I'm using:

Here is the result:

I don't know why is not working.

Hi @David-Abreu.

Have you tried changing your filter statement in A_Ventas_Pink[Precio] to:

=FILTER(B_Lista_de_prodcutos, "B_Lista_de_productos[ID]=[ID]")

Does that work?

Enter this into the [Precio] column of table A_...


I think this is what you're looking for? Referencing =[ID] returns a specific row from table B_, and then [Precio] should get you the value from that row.

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Hi @David-Abreu,

@AndrewB is right - you can use:


to pull the Precio column from the Rowlink defined in the ID column. There is no need for a FILTER expression - since you already have the unique row identified by the Rowlink in the ID column. In fact, FILTER returns a set (or array) - and you are actually interested in a specific value, so FILTER will not work in this example anyway.

You can go one step further - you do not need to even save the Precio in a column in the A... table. You can simply use the following formula in the Total column instead:

= [Cantidad] * [ID][Precio]


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Thank you. That was the solution. I didn't think of it that way.

Thanks. Yout explanation was very detail. And the optimitation is usefull. :slightly_smiling_face:


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