Filter evaluating incorrectly

I'm trying to add a second list to a record detail screen, but as far as I can tell, the source expression is not evaluating correctly.

I think perhaps I am calling the $[InputRow] variable incorrectly. I want that variable to evaluate to 1000000001 in the example shown, which should result in the overall expression evaluating as 2 records, where I would then display the "Team Name" column values in the list below.

What am I doing wrong here?

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Hi @panderson_ussf, Welcome to Honeycode!

Can you confirm that the player id [SCOP_Player_ID] is set to be a rowlink? If not, the data will not match since the InputRow is a rowlink whereas the SCOP_Player_ID is a non-rowlink type causing the mismatch. If for some reason, you don't want the column to be rowlink, you can compare by the text value:

=Filter(Rosters, "Rosters[SCOP_Player_ID]=$[InputRow][Player_ID_COLUMN]")

Please let us know if you continue experiencing issues. Happy building!

That's it! I was comparing a text value to a rowlink. So by adding [SCOPS_Player_ID] to the end of the statement right after $[InputRow], that compares a text value to a text value.


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