Filter Formula Challenge: Exercise 1

Put your filter formula knowledge to the test in the Challenge Exercises: Filter Formula Basics :books:

Filter Formula Basics Overview:

Through these challenge exercises, you'll get to flex your filter formula writing muscles and practice some basic syntax. We’ll kick things off with an overview of filters. Then we’ll introduce the challenge exercises that build off of each other using some of our templates.

How to participate:

All builders who complete Challenge Exercise 1 will be awarded the special edition Filter Formulas Challenge Beginner badge:


Drop us a comment below this post and send a private message to @Taylor with your answers to let us know once you're done! :honeybee: :building_construction:

Click here to participate in Challenge Exercise 2

Note: The special edition badge for Challenge Exercise 3 will be available in the coming weeks!


Hello @Taylor ,how do we get involved?

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Thanks for your interest, @Stph-1188! You'll want to view Challenge Exercises: Filter Formula Basics and complete Challenge 1. Be sure to circle back once you've finished, and reply to this thread :honeybee:

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@Taylor, Should the questions be answered on this post?

Great question @Stph-1188, please private message me your answers :smiley:

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I've finished the first challenge! @Taylor, I've sent you a message with my answers--hope I still get the badge :crossed_fingers:

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Awesome! I'll check now @Katherine :clipboard:

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